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Air Bank
This features the latest in wireless technology and Wi-Fi sharing to effortlessly provide extra storage capacity to smart phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. The built-in 802.11bgn Wi-Fi standard lets you leave the cables at home and conveniently sync with up to 5 devices.

Air Card
PQI introduces the next in wireless revolution - the PQI Air Card Wi-Fi Memory Card! The PQI Air Card incorporates the latest Wi-Fi technology into a standard memory card, enabling "instant sharing" anytime and anywhere without the need of annoying wires. Regardless of the location, files can be immediately transferred in a simple step without the need of a computer or card reader, and the instant sharing of files will no longer be a problem. PQI brings an unprecedented convenience unseen in previous technology.

Air Drive
This Air Drive supports up to 5 simultaneous connections using different types of media files: your favorite photos, music, videos, or even documents. With the Air Drive, you can easily share your life with your friends and family anytime and enjoy the convenience of a wireless life

Air Pen
The PQI Air Pen is the world's smallest personal wireless AP, weighing only 40 g. The device itself is only as big as a stick of lipstick, making it an easy fit in your pocket. When an ethernet cable is connected to the RJ-45 port on the bottom of the device, the device can act as a wireless access point , allowing for up to five devices to simultaneously connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi.