MTC (Micro Technology Concepts, Inc.), founded in 1989, specializes in manufacturing, marketing, designing, distributing and refurbishing IT new and used products for thousands of channel resellers. MTC forecasts $250M sales revenue in 2011 with branch offices and logistic centers in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. (
There are 4 Divisions in the Sales Department:
1. Peripherals: HDD, SSD, ODD all MSFT s/w
2. Components: CPU and DRAM
3. HPC: Supercomputing servers and network storage
4. Asset Recovery: Repair and refurbishing pre-owned and defective HDD and IT equipment

The landmarks of MTC are as follows:

  • In 2012, MTC has been ranked #71 largest Private Companies in Los Angeles County by Los Angeles Business Journal.
  • In 2010, MTC achieved the accolade of becoming a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), processing thousands of off-lease laptops every month.
  • In 2008, MTC launched the Recycling and Refurbishing Division by establishing partnerships with Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM, Intel, major leasing companies, and Fortune 500 Companies such as Boeing to acquire off lease IT equipment.
  • In 2007, MTC became one of the top Premier Partners of Seagate in N. America.
  • In 2006, MTC secured an exclusive agreement with Best Buy to provide HDD Core Management Services, including DoD data erasure standard, HDD recovery and warranty services.
  • In 2005, MTC became the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
  • In 2005, MTC was awarded Outstanding in innovation by Hitachi GST.
  • In 2004, MTC served on the Microsoft System Builder Partner Advisory Council.
  • In 2003, MTC became Power Partner of Samsung Digital Information Technology.
  • In 2003, MTC was named VIP Advisory Council by Maxtor.
  • In 2003, MTC was Launch Partner of AMD 64 bit Opteron server processor and Opteron based supercomputing platform. MTC has effectively grown and serviced AMD’s worldwide channel partners with AMD thermally validated server barebone and later awarded AMD Platinum Partner.
  • In 2002, People’s Bank of China launched an electronic check clearing system based on MTC’s end to end secure communication solution. This was the 1st secure electronic check clearing system over IP in the world.
  • In 2001, the US Federal Reserve beta tested MTC’s information security software solution for electronic check clearing system over leased lines.
  • In 2001, the US Federal Reserve beta tested MTC’s information security software solution for electronic check clearing system over leased lines.
  • In 2001, MTC was named as Microsoft System Builder Gold Member.
  • In 2001, MTC was named as Maxtor Platinum Partner.
  • In 2000, MTC invented Protocol Switching technology providing software VPN without the need to open any extra ports on company firewalls for secure remote access.
  • In 1998, MTC released a 100% JAVA based secure end to end communication solution suite on email, file transfer and instant messaging.
  • In 1998, MTC was named 108th largest VAR (Value Added Reseller) among the top 500 VARs in the world.
  • In 1996, MTC achieved 94% of warranty return of defective products within 5 days after receipt from customers.

With 24 years of experience in forward logistics, MTC has an in depth understanding of the needs and demands of the channel as well as the end users. We have the highest industry quality standards to facilitate 'worry free' transactions for our retailer partners, and at the same time, extend the same standards to our reverse logistics operations. Case and point… Through an analytic methodology, MTC established a quality standard on Lithium-Ion batteries to assure adequate run time of pre-owned laptops, attacking one of the major challenges for off-leased laptop sales.

In addition to refurbished IT products, we offer a full suite of new and used peripherals and components for your system builds, repairs and refurbishment.

We understand your needs as a Reseller and Service Provider in the IT industry, and continue innovating our value added services to increase your profitability.

We look forward to working with you.

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